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Children's Rhyme-Games - Looby Looby

Some one, to be sure, may suggest "Looby-Looby," which has but to be named when all are read and eager. A ring is formed, when all join hands and dance round singing:—

Here we go looby-looby,
Here we go looby light;
Here we go looby-looby
Every Saturday night.

Why on Saturday nights only I don't know, and it would be futile, I suppose, to inquire. Anyway, with the expression of the last word they all instantly disjoin hands, and, standing each in her place, they sing the next verse, suiting; the action to the word:—

Put your right hand in,
Take your right hand out;
Shake it, and shake it, and shake it,
And turn yourself about.

As the last line is being sung each one wheels rapidly round by herself, then hands are joined again, and they scurry-round in a ring as before, singing:-

Here we go looby-looby,
Here we go looby light
Here we go looby-looby
Every Saturday night.

and so on, the "looby-looby" coming in regularly between each of the action-verses, which are varied by "left hand in" and "out," and ''right foot in" and "out," and "left foot in" and "out," "noses," "ears," etc., etc., the game finishing only when the anatomy of the players has been exhausted.

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