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Check all the Clans that have DNA Projects. If your Clan is not in the list there's a way for it to be listed. Electric Scotland's Classified Directory An amazing collection of unique holiday cottages, castles and apartments, all over Scotland in truly amazing locations.

ClickN KIDS Online Reading and Spelling ProgramsThe poems I had in mind are from "A Child's Garden of Verses" by RLS.  The book is included on your RLS books section, but I felt some of the poems would be more appropriate for your Kid's Page, as they are somewhat lost where they are now.

The RLS book has special meaning to me as I was given a copy by my Godmother when I was only 7, and just starting to read.  I was confined to the Isolation Ward in Vancouver General Hospital for six weeks with Scarlet Fever, and my Godmother, who was Chief Public Health Nurse for Vancouver, was the only one able to get in to visit me. 

When I was released from hospital everything I had, including the RLS book, had to be destroyed as Scarlet Fever was considered highly contageous.  My mother got me another copy, and I memorized most of the poems in the book as a kid.  I guess I identifed with RLS, who was an invalid much of his life.

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