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Krafts and Kooking for Kids Korner
Paper Towel Shaker/ Rain Stick

You'll need:
  • A paper towel tube
  • Dry beans
  • Small circles of cloth or sturdy plastic wrap for the ends
  • Rubber bands
  • A thumbtack (for rainstick)
  • Toothpicks (for rainstick)

For a paper towel shaker, wrap one end of the tube with cloth or plastic wrap and seal with a rubber band. Then pour dry beans in the other end and seal other end with cloth or plastic wrap. For rainstick, seal one end, then use your thumbtack to poke holes at about 2 cm intervals around the seam of the tube. Pour beans inside the tube, then insert toothpicks into the holes (blunt ends on the outside so you donít stick yourself!). Seal the other end.

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