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I'm Just A Mouse
From Glasgow-based theatre company Reeling & Writhing

I'm just a Mouse Snuggle in and cozy up for an enchanting tale of imagination, friendship and discovery.

Mouse wants to play games, ask questions, fly to the moon and go to the party. But she’s shy. Mouse likes hide and seek best of all (mostly hiding) but there’s no-one to find her… until a new family move in. 

If I Was A Mouse..., the latest show from Glasgow-based theatre company Reeling & Writhing, features exclusive new music by internationally renowned children’s composer Paul Rissmann (the man behind RSNO’s hugely popular Naked Classics series) and an accompanying 32-page picture book I'm Just A Mouse written by Tim Nunn and beautifully illustrated by young artist Helen Nunn. Both the music and the book are available to download FREE at, ensuring Mouse will remain a firm family friend long after the show has finished.

Both the book and show bring Mouse’s world to life with more than a whisker of fairytale magic and are guaranteed to enchant 3 to 6 year olds (and everyone else!).

You can also download the pdf file here!

You can also download some music at

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