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Children's Poems
by Margo Fallis
Too Much Energy

Jaxon MacDougal loved to play with toy cars;

He also enjoyed swinging on the park’s tricky bars.

He never stopped moving and made his parents tired.

Jaxon ran around with gusto, you could say he was wired.

His parents tried to get him to sit and read a book,

But Jaxon MacDougal would rather pretend he was a crook,

Or a pirate, or a soldier, or a cowboy, or the police.

He was so active, his legs never did cease.

One day his father brought him home a pet dog

And told him he’d have to be quiet as a log.

This dog was special and couldn’t stand the noise,

So Jaxon MacDougal would have to sit and play with toys.

He tried and he tried, but he couldn’t sit still.

He loved his new dog, but Jaxon had a strong will.

So he put a blue leash and collar round the dog’s neck

And ran over to the park to play on a wooden deck.

The dog ran around and around and around

And wore Jaxon out; he went home without a sound.

He tied up the dog and then fell on his bed.

Soon he was asleep; his parents wondered if he was dead.

They smiled and they laughed and winked at each other.

It was such a good idea to have a dog, should they get another?

From then on Jaxon MacDougal was as quiet as could be,

Taking care of his dog and reading books about the sea.

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