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Apparitions, Wraiths, The Second Sight
Apparition of a Corpse

DONALD M’KINNON, an honest man, residing in Glendale, informed me that when living in South Uist he had a servant woman remarkable for the second-sight; who, upon a night as she was grinding at the quirn [hand-mill], saw a corpse, stretched to a loose deal in the partition, in his winding sheet, which only came down to his knees. This she immediately told publicly to all that were present she had the same representation twice or thrice thereafter, which made the wife of the house apprehensive it concerned herself or some of her children. In a short time thereafter one John M’Kinnon, a neighbouring tenant, sickened, of which he soon died. John Oag M’Kinnon, brother to the defunct, who had the charge to provide for his interment, applied to the declarant for timber to make his coffin, who gave him the deal to which the said seer had seen a corpse stretched at four different times. And as they could get no linen for a winding sheet, the said John Oag was obliged to make use of one of his own wearing shirts, which, when it was put on the corpse, reached but to his knees, thereby fulfilling the second-sight in all its circumstances.

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