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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Lazy Ladybugs

"Ladybugs are lazy. All they do is fly home to see if their houses are on fire. We~ez_rsquo~re much busier than they are," Barney Bee said. He buzzed around the beehive with the other bees.

"Look at them all. They~ez_rsquo~re just sitting on the leaves doing nothing," Betty Bee added.

"Maybe they don~ez_rsquo~t have anything to do," Billy Bee said. "They don~ez_rsquo~t gather pollen, they don~ez_rsquo~t help take care of a hive, and they don~ez_rsquo~t have a queen to look after. Maybe they want to do something but can~ez_rsquo~t think of anything to do."

"They~ez_rsquo~re lazy insects. They don~ez_rsquo~t know what the word busy means," Barney snarled.

"I~ez_rsquo~m going to go and ask them," Billy said and flew down to the leaves. "Hey! Ladybug! Why are you so lazy? Why don~ez_rsquo~t you keep yourself busy and do something besides sit there?"

The ladybug looked at the bee. "We aren~ez_rsquo~t bees. We don~ez_rsquo~t make honey. We don~ez_rsquo~t live in a hive. Our job is to sit here and look pretty," Lisa answered.

"The other bees think you~ez_rsquo~re lazy insects. Would you like to help us gather pollen?" Billy asked.

"We can~ez_rsquo~t do that. It~ez_rsquo~s not because we~ez_rsquo~re lazy. We aren~ez_rsquo~t bees. We~ez_rsquo~re ladybugs and very different from you. You go about your business and leave us to ours," Lisa said.

Billy shrugged his shoulders and flew up to the others. Just then Lisa and a hundred other ladybugs came flying up to the beehive. They swirled around the bees and the hive. "Wow! They~ez_rsquo~re very pretty. Look at their wings!" Barney said.

Billy watched the ladybugs. "I see what you mean," he shouted to Lisa. "Your job is to be pretty. Our job is to gather pollen and be busy. You~ez_rsquo~re not lazy at all."

The ladybugs flew around for a while and then disappeared into the bushes. The bees realized that all insects are there for different reasons. Some are meant to be busy and some are meant to be lazy.

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