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Apparitions, Wraiths, The Second Sight
The Death Portent

A FARMER’S wife, who resided on the banks of the Ale, near St. Boswells’, looking out a window, thought she saw a funeral approaching; and at once mentioned the circumstance to some neighbours, then with her in the house. They ran out to look, but came back and sat down again, saying she must be mistaken, for there was nothing of the kind to be seen. The woman felt restless, however, and out of spirits; she could not help going to the window again, and again she saw the funeral moving on. Her friends ran out of doors and looked along the road, but still could perceive nothing; a third time she went to the window, and exclaimed, "It is fast coming on, and will soon be at the door." No other person could discern anything; but within half-an-hour a confused noise was heard outside, and the farm-servants entered, bearing her husband’s lifeless body. He had died suddenly, by a fall from his cart. 

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