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Apparitions, Wraiths, The Second Sight
The Thurso Merchants Wraith

RICHARD SINCLAIR, a merchant in the town of Thurso, returning home one evening with his servant, as they came to the river close by the town, found it was swelled by a fall of rain, and much increased by the tide, which was in. The latter seemed averse to ford, which his master observing, alighted and gave him his own horse, and mounted his servant’s horse, with which, having entered the river, he was soon carried by the flood out of his saddle, and was drowned. His wife knowing nothing then of the matter, as she was going from one room to another .in her own house, saw Mr. Sinclair go up the stair to his own room, and called to a servant-maid to bring him a candle and make up a fire; but after the servant had brought the light in great haste, found no person within. In less than an hour the noise went through the town that the gentleman was drowned.

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