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Apparitions, Wraiths, The Second Sight
The Whinger

A NOBLE peer of this nation being one morning in his bed-chamber, and attended by several persons, when his servant had put a new coat upon his Lord, a gentleman standing by presently cried out, "For God’s sake, my Lord, put off that coat;" and being asked the reason, he replied that he saw a whinger, or poignard, stick in the breast of it. The noble peer, esteeming this as a mere fancy, replied, "This coat is honestly come by, and I see no reason why I may not wear it." The gentleman still entreated, and earnestly craved that it might be put off: upon which debate, the noble peer’s lady being not far off, came in, and being informed of the whole affair, entreated her Lord to comply with the gentleman’s desire, which he did; meantime one of the servants standing by desired the lady to give it him, and he would wear it. She granted his request, who put it on; and ere night he was stabbed by a poignard, in that very place which the gentleman had pointed to in the morning.

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