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Frank Shaw gives the Immortal Memory to Robert Burns in 2006

Frank Shaw, President of the Atlanta St. Andrews Society, gives us the Immortal Memory to Robert Burns at The Atlanta Burns Club, January 28, 2006.

Frank Shaw
Frank Shaw

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Frank was also the feature guest on a local radio station talking about Robert Burns. You can listen to his interview along with some excellent songs below..

Suggest you right click on the links and save them to your local computer. When I did so I was able to listen to them through the Real Audio player but I wasn't able to click on the link to listen to them. Files are in mp3 format.

  • Track 1 (10.6Mb) 13.3 mins 3 songs start the session

  • Track 2 (10.3Mb) 12.1 mins Frank starts his interview and introduced "John Anderson, My Jo"

  • Track 3 (12.5Mb) 15.5 mins The song is sung in this track and the interview continues.

  • Track 4 (9.6Mb) 12.2 mins More songs and and the end of Frank's interview

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