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Songs by the Baroness Nairne
The Idle Laddie

SAW ye ere an idle laddie
Playing truant ilka day,
Thinking he wad happy be,
If frae the schule he'd bide away?
Saw ye ere an eident laddie,
Busy learnin' a' the day,
Aye sae thrang when at his wark,
Aye sae cheerie at his play?

Oh l mind ye, bairns, mind ye're lear,
'Twill carry you the warld thro';
They wha bide awa' frae schule,
Aye in the end are sure to rue.
Be nae ye like idle Bell,
Wha comes, and then she bides away;
Syne her reading and her knitting,
She forgets frae day to day.

But Jeanie's parents they were wise,
An' that, they never wad allow;
For bairns are like sapling trees,
An' grow just as ye bend the bough.
Oh! bairns, aft ye hae been tauld,
An' owre, an' owre it should be sung,
It's ill to learn when we are auld,
But unco easy when we're young!

Oh! mind ye, bairns, mind ye're books,
Live in peace and Christian love
Seek not to provoke each other,
Seek the wisdom frae above!
Oh! 'tis this will make ye happy,
Gentle, patient a' the day
It will help ye at your wark,
An' mak' ye cheery at your play!

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