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Songs by the Baroness Nairne
O, Weel's me on my ain Man

O WEEL'S me on my ain man!
My ain man, my ain man !
O weel's me on my ain gudeman !
He'll aye be welcome hame.

I'm wae I blamed him yesternight,
For now my heart is feather light;
For gowd I wadna gie the sight,
I see him linkin' owre the height.

Rin, Jeanie, bring the kebbuck ben,
An' fin' aneath the speckl'd hen;
Meg, rise and sweep aboot the fire,
Syne cry on Johnnie frae the byre.

For weel's me on my ain man!
My ain man, my ain man!
For weel's me on my ain gudeman!
I see him linkin' hame.

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