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Songs by the Baroness Nairne
O stately stood the Baron's Ha'

O STATELY stood the Baron's ha'
His lady fair as ony;
Her gracefu' mien was like a queen,
Her smile it dimpled bonnie.
The heir of a' the Baron's wealth,
A manly bairn was he, O,
And aye he'd rin, and play his lane,
Aneath the greenwood tree, O.

But wae, wae was that heavy maen,
Gaed thro' that castle ha', O,
When gloamin' cam', ae simmer's e'en,
Young Ronald was awa', O.
They sought him east, they sought him west,
Baith north and south they sought him,
And noble was the offered boon
To them that wad ha'e brought him.

The lady pined, her cheek grew wan,
The wound was past a' curin',
The bowers whaur first she fostered him -
Were past her heart's endurin'.
Her lovin' lord, wi' tender care,
Took her to wander far, O,
And the only thought e'er dried her e'e,
Flew aboon the mornin' star, O.

Her feckless frame could little bide,
Slow turned the tardy wheels, O,
They saw a nut-brown bonny boy,
Fast rinnin' at their heels, O.
"Stay, faither, mither, stay for me!
I'll never, never leave ye!
It was na me that gaed awa,
'Twas the gipsies took me frae ye."

Now tell wha may, their joy that day,
Wha ne'er thought joy to meet, O.
Fresh roses budded on her cheek,
And her smile it dimpled sweet, O.
Frae greenwood bowers and stately towers,
Nae mair they wandered far, O,
And their gratefu' lays, o' love and praise,
Flew aboon the mornin' star, O!

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