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Songs by the Baroness Nairne
To thee, Lov'd Dee

TO thee, lov'd Dee, I glad return,
To where thy winding waters glide,
Amang thy bonnie banks and braes,
Aye there the trout and salmon hide.
'Mang England's vales, 'mang Erin's green,
'Mang Cambria's hills sae wild and hie,
I've mony bonnie places seen,
But what are they to bonnie Dee?

I've seen the Tay, I've seen the Clyde,
And e'en the Rhine, I've travelled far,
But what are they to sweet Dee side,
Balmoral fair, and Loch-na-gar!
At Banchory and Ballater,
That are fam'd for trout and tree,
There sweetly ye may pass the day,
Amang the bonnie banks o' Dee.

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