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Old Pictures of Scotland
Set 1

Kirriemuir Cottage

Kirriemuit Tenaments

Kirriemuir Burn

Castle Kennedy

Glasgow High Street

Princess Street, Edinburgh

Scottish Baptism

Weavers Shop

Coaltown of Wemyss

McEwan Hall, Edinburgh

Polmaise Castle, Stirling

West Wemys Church

Achelador House

East Wemys Houses

Glasgow Bridge Trams

Glasgow George Square

The picture showing George Square, Glasgow is of much later date than c. 1925 as the Livinstone Tower, part of Strathclyde University, is visible in the background. Construction finished in 1964. To the left of it the top of the Colville building, which was completed in 1966, can just be seen. So, end of the sixties, early seventies. Best regards, Michiel van der Lugt, Cumbernauld

Glasgow Living Room

West Wemyss Main Street

Queen Mary, Greenock

Glasgow Steamie

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