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Poems of Ken F. Adamson
On The Day Burns Died

On The Day Burns Died

A lone hill fox howled when an eagle cried loudly
in mourning the sky darkened and grew cloudy!
Silent grieving grouse in fields of heather beds
kept hidden under weeping bonny purple heads!
The tinkling droplets of the river's soft texture
stilled, taciturn, pausing nature's manufacture!
When the angels whispered that day's lament
slowly came the end of a Scotsman's torment!
A timorous wee creature shrieked and cried
announcing to the world a great man had died!
Sad mountains peaked mornings misty breath
and stags ears drooped on hearing of the death!
God in his wisdom made a heavenly declaration
then steadied himself, for his best presentation!
All the animals in wonder saw a beam in the sky
blinking at each other as his soul journeyed high!
When God greeted Burns and held out his hand
he smiled, and spread sunshine all over the land!
So, the glories of this country will not sit in shade
and the words of our chief bard will never fade!