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Poems of Ken F. Adamson

  Virunga National Park, Zaire
where one million refugees settled

On the Mountains of the Moon a Nile begins to flow
travelling in snake skins to an Egypt it will know!
While natural formed unique rivers of ice and fire
are leaving hot rain forests in seclusion to perspire!
With strange majestic plants lording over the hills
who ignore the Moon and the night's misty chills!
Giant cabbages in tune appear to be on the march
not far away sky high peaks sit baptized in starch!
Plastered in lava icing tree soldiers stand on sentry
tall and stark defying encroachers to make an entry!
Sharp lipped Mother Hippos are tending their lawns
as decorated Husbands bathe with smiles and yawns!
Sprawling out before them their personal living lake
yet nearby dirty grass lies where no life can partake!
Not far off Gorillas on green slopes feed and play, 
while trying to survive in their own inquisitive way!
Thick dark shadows of mist alive with termites,
ghosting through the air with ten million bites!
For the many human souls who take refuge here
hiding away from the rancour of war with fear!
Wondering why their country is in such turmoil
making the volcanoes angry in readiness to boil,
and spew over the rivers of ice with fire again,
deadly, upsetting the balance of forest and rain!