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Poems of Ken F. Adamson
In Memory Of A Warrior Poet

In Memory Of A Warrior Poet

Wallace would not stay his arm's long sword
nor the enemy, William's own highland horde!
Because of the barbaric act of a cruel King foe
justice from a Scot's husband his people now know!
Our warrior died with the loving of his wife
embroidered in his braveheart for eternal life!
Yet the arrogant enemy let his voice echo clear
to fly North for all true Scotsmen to hear!

No enemy can destroy a nation's pride
No man's freedom can a King deride
No mist is seen to hide the flower
No blade can cut away love's power!

As my pen and national sword now collide
alas this patriot poet cannot describe
the man who fought and died in glory
for that warrior poet told his own story!

Now, if Scotland has no use for my peaceful pen
I cannot use a sword to see right done again!
The dream of a man and the spirit of a nation
today, cannot be satisfied with confrontation!
Though all Scots people must always remember
our greatest warrior who would not surrender!
Forget not also that his times are long gone
to be a free nation now we must all stand as one!