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Poetry by Alastair McIntyre
A Course of Study

A course of study is so very hard
Especially when of years duration
You study hard to pass exams
Looking forward to there conclusion.

Time rolls by and the exams are here
Revision time is back with a vengance
The midnight oil is burning bright
You're working hard with great forebearance.

Exams are over, you wait for results
You know you've passed, but are not sure
There is one fact that is for certain
You've just completed your course of study.

Now is the time to be overjoyed
Your course of study is over and finished
But why are you feeling numb inside?
Part of your life has come to a finish.

Question time has now arrived
What do I do, now that I've finished?
What will this qualification bring?
Perhaps yet another course of study?

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