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The Bard of Banff
Banffshire Maritime Exhibition 2004

The Banffshire Maritime Exhibition,
sited on Macduff’s shore,
celebrates the history of the fishing
and has model boats galore.

Zulus and steam drifters,
Skaffies and Fifies,
figures o’ fishermen
and figures o’ fishwifies.

There’s steam and diesel engines,
winches and auld line haulers,
photos o’ the herring fishers
and photos o’ their trawlers.

You can watch the net making,
or sit and watch the big screen,
don’t miss this opportunity,
for there’s many things to be seen.

The hull o’ the Hirta II,
sits proudly on display,
so climb up the ladder
and imagine her in her heyday.

They’ve got a kids corner,
with pencils and bits o’ paper,
so you can enjoy the heritage,
while the kids have a bit o’ a caper.

Don’t forget the Café,
they’ll make you a nice cup o’ tea
and remember and tell your friends,
about this celebration o’ the sea.

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