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The Bard of Banff
Oh Maggie (1945 to 2006)

Dear Alex

I was thinking of Margaret Ewing and of what a great politician she was, as she followed in Winnies footsteps along side Fergus.  I didnt know her personally but admired her from afar and my thoughts led to this tribute, which Id like to share with you:

Oh Maggie (1945 to 2006)

Oh Maggie, oh Maggie,
well a miss ye sarely,
oh Maggie, oh Maggie,
yer life taken, sae unfairly.

Ye wir the pride o Scotland,
a fine ambassador o the SNP,
jist like yer mither-in-law,
ye wir a winner
an that wi a loved tae see!

Fer twenty years in Moray,
ye wir the local MP,
that wis gweed fer us
an gweed fer ye
an it wis grand fer the SNP!

Well kent an hard working,
a noble fighter o local campaigns,
standing up fer the people proudly,
despite yer very own pains!

So its goodbye to a dear an brave lassie,
its goodbye an god bless,
its goodbye tae ye
with a big thank ye,
because Maggie ye wir een o the best!

Stanley Bruce
SNP Member, Banff.
Member No 1182803

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