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The Bard of Banff
The Glen Grant Angels

As the Whisky matures,
a percentage evaporates into the air,
to the Distillers this is known as,
‘The Angels Share’.

2% of the Whisky,
is lost every year,
that’s part of the reason,
the aged stuff is so dear!

In Glen Grant Distillery,
they too let the Angels have there share,
and if I was an Angel,
I’d never be out of there!

For the taste is so smooth
and the taste is so fine,
the taste of Glen Grant,
is ten times better, than any wine.
A Mini Still by Forsyths, Rothes.
Please visit Glen Grant Distillery,
they’ll show you around the Still,
they’ll treat you to a dram,
and share they always will!

Stanley Bruce
26th April 2004.

Alias ‘The Bard of Banff’.

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