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Frank McNie's Poems

Ben Ledi

I saw the sun come up through poet's eyes,
the sunrise on Ben Ledi,
First lit peak then hump then every lump, 
It flowed through crack and eddy,
Ledi's stark shape against sky so blue, 
Cotton clouds every pastel hue.

Birds were singing their morning song,
Inviting poets pen to sing along.
The light then seemed to come from under,
Ledi capped with clouds of thunder,
I imagined rain in great torr-ents
Pounding at his battlements

The rising light then won the day,
The thunder clouds all passed away.
Bright sunshine then told the story,
Of Ben Ledi in it's morning glory.
Callander was then center stage,
Lit up as if for poet's page.
It's rooftops were in time frozen,
Bathed in light as if been chosen.

Next morning Ledi seemed to lie in sleeping,
The mist and clouds were blankets creeping.
He was distant now though his feet were bare,
Guarding dark secrets hidden there.
The rolling clouds then put him under,
Pouring rain and clapit thunder.
Raining cats and dogs and days gone bye,
I saw Ben Ledi through Rob Roy's eye.

"His cracks ind folds sae weelcomin,
Safe haven fur ma kith n kin,
Montrose men no weelcom there,
Bit let them come if they wad dare.
Ben Ledi's friends hill ind glen,
Sanctuary fir honest men.
When the eagle soars ma hert goes with it,
When a look aroon ma hert goes sickit.
Is there ony ither man sae base,
Could wear the mask o' Montrose face."

I saw the mist roll down Ledi,s glen,
Into Callander …and then.
It smothered the houses in the square,
Climbed the steeple till it was not there,
It crept uphill to Arden House…and then,
I was one, with that Highland Ben.