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Poems by Bob Beveridge
What makes a Scot?

Rain, sun and peat
Heather, hills and moors
Lochs, castles and glens,
or is it
Shipyards, Iron works, and engineering
Jute, jam and journalism
Beer, whisky and tartan
Fish, chips and ginger (1) 
or maybe
Haggis, neaps n' tatties
Pubs, clubs and dancing
Rangers and Celtic
Bovril, pies and crips
or could it be
Tammy's, scarves and banners
A sail to Rothsey
A trip to the Trossachs
or perhaps its
Burntisland for the shows (2)
Or is it jist whit's in oor hearts
(1.  'ginger'-------Irn Bru  a soft drink)
(2.  'shows'-------Fun fair/Carnival)

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