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Poems by Bob Beveridge
Giggle and Ina

There wis a Giggle
A wee Claire Gigle
Who stayed in Laurieston
A flat in Laurieston
She stayed with Ina
Her china Ina
Wi two we bairns in Laurieston

They went tae Holland
A trip tae Holland
In a brown cafe they sat
Getting stoned they sat
A wee bit blow
But nae white snow
In that far land

She wanted Tulips
A bunch of Tulips
Tae bring tae Laurieston
That flat in Laurieston
Her china Ina
Said if yi wur fina
I'd get them fur yi
In that far land

Ina misses his lorry
His big red lorry
His chocolate Yorkie bar
Looking intae cars
Checkin oot the burds
Exchanging wurds
Fae that big cab

Noo oor we Giggle
She likes tae wiggle
Wi her balck n white boots
Sure she's such a hoot
The lads at work all say
Wheyyyyy Heyyyyy!!!!

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