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Wee Bonnie Lassies at Play
by William Smith

I stand in knee-high heather
Watching the wee bonnie lassies at play.
I wish that I were that young again.
Then their mothers come out to
Call them in to supper, and I think
To myself, “Why be young?”

The older lassies are just as bonnie
As their daughters, if not more so.
The Celtic blood breeds true.
And the women of Scotland are
The best in the world. They can
Stand up against the Latin women
Of the south.

For, in all my travels, all around the
World, the memories of the lassies
Of Scotland draw me back to the
Home of my ancestors. I yearn to
Return some day, and watch the
Wee bonnie lassies at play.

By William Smith, ERAU

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