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RSM Campbell
by William Smith

RSM Campbell was in hospital.
He was dying from a tropical malady.
As he lay there, he thought back to
His youth, and the years with the
Regiment. He regretted having
Never taken a wife and raising a family.

Colonel Sinclair came to his bedside.
The Colonel knew that the RSM
Was not long for this world.
RSM Campbell gently told his officer
Of his regrets, and how he had
Left a family to carry on his name.

The Colonel helped RSM Campbell
To a chair and wheeled him to a window.
There outside the hospital was formed
The entire regiment on parade.
A lone piper marched forward and
Played “The Campbells Are Coming”.

RSM Campbell raised himself to attention.
Smartly he saluted the assembled regiment.
As he fell back into his chair, the Colonel
Said “The soldier’s mess will be named
The RSM Campbell Soldier’s Mess”.
The RSM died, knowing he had a family.

He had lived a soldier’s life; he knew
Every man in the regiment. He was
Father, uncle or brother to each man there.
He had served with his Colonel from
The time they had both entered service.
The regiment was his life and family.

William Smith
21 November 2007

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