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Poems by Sharon Reaper
Mr Chalk & Mrs Cheese: the Wine-Tasting Party

'Niver his there been sic an unco perr
as the twa o’ thaim standin o’er there.
Dinna leuk taewards thaim jist yet
onless ye wunt a leuk as soor as vinaigrette!
As fir him, I’m shuir ei hauled hir oot o’ the loch.
Nae gee tae critters o’ the watter.  Och
weel, we better gang hin afore we chitter
tae daith in ‘is cald norlin wither.’

Lik a sleeve oan a bishop’s chimere
the cupple niver agane did appear
onless afore a reflecktive surface
stood Mrs Gossipmonger an’ Mr Gormless.

Sharon Reaper, 2002

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