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by Kathleen Chambers

I am sitting in the sun
Just thinking quietly
I sit for hours consumed by my thoughts
Watching the birds flit in and out of the cedar hedge
They wander through the garden catching bugs
There is an ant walking across the patio stones
It walks faster than I would have thought
It seems to be in a hurry
Almost scurrying around
Following a twisting path that I can not see
Trying to get on with itís busy little life
The wind rustles through the trees
Bending the flowers on their long stems
Blowing my hair around my face
Tickling my nose
And I suddenly realize that I am at peace for the moment
Not concerned about anyone
Not trying to figure anything out
I had forgotten my worries
If even for a little while
How refreshing, invigorating, calming
To step away from the world
How disappointing to return

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