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The Twa Corbies

As I was walking all alane,
I heard twa corbies makin' a mane;
The tane unto the t'other say,
"Where sall we gang an' dine the day?"

"In ahint yon auld fail dyke,
I wot there lies a new-slain knight;
An' naebody kens that he lies there
But his hawk, his hound an' his lady fair.

"His hound is to the huntin's gane,
His hawk to fetch the wild fown hame,
His lady's ta'en another mate,
Sae we may mak our denner sweet.

"Ye'll sit on his white hause-bane,
An' I'll pike oot his bonny blue een,
Wi' ae lock o' his gowden hair
We'll theek our nest when it grows bare.

"Mony a ane for him maks mane,
But nane shall ken where he is gane;
Ower his white banes when they are bare
The wind sall blaw for evermair".

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