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Graham Donachie's Stories
Journey through ES

Once upon a blether tyme
No so lang ago,
A Dundee lad well past his prime
With typing speed sae slow,

Stumbled on a strange new land........

To his surprise a Saltire flew
Proud in it’s special place,
And as his curiosity grew
A lad wi’ a smiling face,

Invited him within........

And so he tapped upon the hallowed keys
And opened a Website door,
And fowk fae a’ ower the seven seas
Their guid wishes began to pour,

Upon the monitor o’ his Mac........

‘Och whar am I ’?..cried the Dundee lad
‘An’ wha are a’ these fowk ’ ?
‘Is this anither Cyber fad
An’ me some daft Cyber gowk’ ?

Wha canna even download.........

But they quelled his fears within his breast
And called him friend , not foe,
And he passed ower that hurdle quest
Into ES he did go,

Looking for an Animated Gif........

Now it took a while for him tae post
And a longer while tae jot,
The mistake he made, wis his braying boast
That he was the ane true Scot,

And the dirks were drawn........

He should hae kent, wi’ havers like this
That pride comes afore a fa’,
And the silent hiss o’ a Glesga kiss
And his back against the wa’,

Did’st he come unto his senses.........

But he soon found oot, when he roamed aroond
And met with fowk on the web,
That they, like him , were maistly soond
Even that Southern Reb,

Wha lived awa doon in Kain-tuk-ee..........

Frae the far lands on Atlantic’s shore
Tae the mists o’ the Shining Sea,
The Canadian Scots gave him welcomes more
As he roamed o’er the website lea,

Until he landed in Moosejaw...........

And ower the border in the U.S.A.
There was also Scotia stock,
From Maine to Californi-ay
They could certainly talk the talk,

If only he could decipher the drawl........

And there cam’ unto this Wild West Site
From the far Antipodean Place,
Whar the Hoppers hop and the Bouncers bounce
Everywhere a sunburnt face,

And lots o’ hot Sheila’s and cauld Fosters......

Twa lads o’ note wi’ banter guid
These twa, the best o’ mates,
Tae entertain, they always could
Put laughter in their baits,

And snakes in the tucker bag.......

And a’ this mirth that was shared by a’
Cam frae a sma’ wee toon,
In the Lowland place of the white snell sna’
Managered by a Lowland loon......

Wha once invited me in...........

To Alastair...thank you for your patience.....Graham...

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