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Graham Donachie's Stories
Jacobite by Name "Jacobite by Name".....wad Rabbie been sae weel
taken by your he was sae differin' in his ain ?

"Oh Rab, he had the guise o' nick
when loyalties tae Stuarts wad prick..
the verra fowk wha's tongues wad lick.
A royal erse.....

Cam ye by Atholl, Fifer chiels
an' wander glens o'Hielan' deils
an hear the toll o Dunkeld peals..
Frae ancient Duncan sons... lads hae gaun astray
frae mither glens an' faither brae
an we maun rue the parting day
frae Pictish shore..

But surely as the simmer breeze
doth wrap it's whisper roond Tam's knees
I'll cam me back..for if ye please...
I've niver been awa"..


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