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Oskar Douglas

Oskar Douglas Oskar Douglas died on the morning of Thursday 23rd Sept 2010.  You may have noticed the sky being cloudier that day, the birds not singing as loudly and a coldness to the breeze. He succumbed to the damned cancer but he looked it in the eye and never let it rob him of his pride or personality.

He leaves his wife Linda, son Calum and daughter Debbie with hearts full of wonderful memories of the great man he was; but those memories are temporarily overshadowed by a grief thatís deep and painful.

If you want to understand what sort of man Oskar was Ė stand in his garden or read some of his poems. He appreciated beauty, he knew how to create amazing works of art, whether that be through wood-turning, gardening, writing songs and poetry or drawing. Those are sides to Oskar that very few people took the time to appreciate about the man.

His friendship was arrow-like; straight, true and sure of its mark. You knew when you had Oskarís friendship. It wasnít given lightly and it was a weighty, valuable thing to posses.

Proverbs 18:24 applied to Oskar.

I will miss him. We will miss him. They will miss him. God will remember him.

Neil Findlay

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