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Poems of Oskar Douglas
Tae A Bowl o’ Oats

O bowl o’ oats ye look sae guid,
Ye are the finest tastin’ fid.
Better far than yon McChicken,
Even tho’ it’s finger lickin.

Tastier tae than ‘Tucky fry,
And ither morsels ye may try.
Burgers, Hotdogs and their ilk,
Mak purrich taste as smooth as silk.

Funny hoo the young folks noo,
Wid rather eat some minced up coo.
Oan a bun wi cheese oan tap,
Or wie French fries oan a soggy bap.

The lazy, uncouth modern man,
Wid rather eat oot o’ a can.
In a hurry, runnin’ late,
Zap it, stick it oan a plate.

The young yins noo they don’t ken nuthin,
Wi rubbish their faces they are stuffin.
They really don’t ken whit guid fid is,
‘Cos purrich surely’s jist the biz.

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