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Poems of Oskar Douglas
A Joiner Ridiculed

Ah thought ad pen this quick wee ryme
Aboot oor meet at breakfast time
Ye sat there wi yer toil an strife
An talked aboot yer working life
An a the places ye had been
An a the sichts that ye hid seen
Cyprus, Thailand and lands like these
And dont forget the Antipodes

Ye sat there mon an ye slagged me rotten
An said ma name wid be hard forgotten
Well let me tell ye that is fine
Cos when yeve shooders broad as mine
Ye let the smart yins tak their whack
An it disnae hurt ma big broad back
Ye thocht itd hurt me tae the core
But man ave heard it a before

Were both part of a great proud nation
Enjoyin oor wee bit Greek vacation
So - as Wee Rabbie said the clever swine
Gies yer haun Heres yin o mine

Oskar Douglas

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