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Poems of Oskar Douglas
The Effen bee keeper

He kept bees in the Scot~ez_rsquo~s town of Effen
A wise Effen bee keeper was he
When one day this Effen bee keeper
Got stung by a big Effen bee!!!!!

Now the Effen bee keepers ~ez_ldquo~wee~ez_rdquo~ Effen wife
For the big Effen ~ez_ldquo~ polis ~ez_ldquo~ she ran
For there~ez_rsquo~s naebody can sort out a big Effen bee
Like a big Effen polis man can

Now the big Effen polis was fit as a fiddle
And he ran doon the main Effen street
In his hand was a big Effen baton
He had big Effen boots on his feet

Now the big Effen polis caught the big Effen bee
And he twisted the Effen bee~ez_rsquo~s wings
But the big Effen bee goat it~ez_rsquo~s ain back
~ez_lsquo~Cos this big Effen bee hud twae stings

Now they~ez_rsquo~re both in the Effen museum
Where the Effen folk oft come tae see
The remains of the big Effen polis
Stung tae death by a big Effen bee.


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