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The Piper O' Dundee

And wasna he a roguey,
A roguey, a roguey,
And wasna he a roguey,
The piper o' Dundee?

The piper came to our town,
To our town, to our town,
The piper came to our town,
And he played bonnilie,
He played a spring the laird to please,
A spring brent new frae yont the seas;
And then he gae'd his bags a heeze,
And played anither key.

He played "The welcome owre the main",
And "ye'se be fou and I'se be fain",
And "Auld Stuarts back again",
Wi muckle mirth and glee,
He played "The Kirk", he played "The Quier",
"The Mullin Dhu" and "Chevalier",
And "Lang awa', but welcome here",
Sae sweet, sae bonnilie

It's some gats words, and some gats nane,
And some were dancing wud their lane,
And mony a vow o' weir was te'en
That night at Amulrie!
There was Tullibardine and Burleigh,
And Struan, Keith and Ogilvie,
And brave Carnegie, wha but he,
The piper o' Dundee?

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