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Frank McNie's Poems

  Tenants of the Earth

Tenants of the earth unite
For no landlord has the right,
To make us live in these conditions
And to deny all guilt with his submissions.

He submits that we're to blame
That the earth was pure before we came,
But how could we in our short stay
Make the mess the earth is today.

The rampant crime our neighbors slaughter
The chemicals in our drinking water,
The foul air we breath the acid rain
How can we accept the blame?

In our counter claim we have stated
That the ozone layer has been depleted,
That interferes with our enjoyment
Of the sunshine's main employment.

The ocean's bounty has all but gone
And the rain forest can't go on- 
Supplying all our needs-
For we require that land to plant our seeds.

It's now time to join all our forces,
Let's complain of shrinking earth resources,
A mighty roar demand solution
To increasing earth pollution.