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The Works of Charles Fraser
A Warriors Tale

A warriors life is humble
Uncomplicated and true
They do not like rhetoric
And untruths of statesmen
It has always been this way,
Since time begun,
And will til time stands still.
Unjust men start wars,
Just men fight them,
It is a warriors way:
To protect kin and country.
If it were up to warriors
They would settle scores
By ink shed.....not blood shed,
Ballots...not bullets.
A warrior believes in the good
Of humanity, to overcome
Evil lurking on Earth.
For I myself, fought many battles
In the name of justice, against
Great odds I must tell you.
The scars I carry into next lives
Are reminders of a warriors station.
I assure you, we would rather
Be making love and writing poetry
In the calmness of our Highland homes.
Protecting innocent:
Children, fairies, elves, and witches
It matters not: claymores or AK 47's
The way of the warrior is honourable
Just, and noble. The true warriors way.
What say you?


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