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John's Scottish Sing-Along

The Land O' The Leal

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Joseph Hislop sings his version of Robert Burns' 1796 death-bed poem, "I'm Wearin' Awa' Jean"

I'm wearin awa Jean
Like snaw wreath'd in thaw Jean;
I'm wearin awa to the land o' the leal.

There's nae sorrow there Jean;
There's neither cauld nor care Jean;
The day's aye fair in the land o' the leal.

Oor bonnie bairn's there Jean;
She was baith guid and fair Jean,
And oh we grudged her sair to the land o' the leal.

But sorrows fair wear past Jean,
And joys are comin fast Jean;
The joy that's aye to last in the land o' the leal.

Then dry the tears o' thee Jean;
My soul langs to be free Jean,
And angels beckon me to the land o' the leal.

Now fare ye weel my ain wee dear
The warld's cares are vain dear,
We'll meet and we'll be fair in the land o' the leal.

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