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John's Scottish Sing-Along

Kate Dalrymple

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Original Lyrics: William Watt (1792-?)
Melody: Traditional

Here, below, 'The Corries' have made their own adaptation of Watt's lyrics.

In a wee cot hoose far across the moor,
Where pea-weeps, plovers, and waups cry dreary,
Liv'd an auld maid for mony a lang year,
Never a lover cam tae caa her dearie.
Lonely lassie was Kate Dalrymple,
Thrifty quine was Kate Dalrymple;
Nae music, ataw but the clair burnie's wimple
Could be heard doon at dwallin place o' Kate Dalrymple.

Face had the smack o' the gruesome and the grim,
From the attentions of her lovers tae defend her;
Long Roman nose reaching doon tae her chin,
That pits ye in mind o' the witch o' Endor;
Wiggle in her walk had Kate Dalrymple,
Snivvle in her talk had Kate Dalrymple;
Many a cornelian and cairngorm pimple,
Was ahangit tae the craggy face o' Kate Dalrymple.

Such are the ups an the doons in life,
There's aye some fate fallin tapsalteerie;
Kate fell heir tae a rich estate,
Never lots o' lovers wid she gang weary;
Lawyer cam a-wooin o' Kate Dalrymple,
Provost and a priest for Kate Dalrymple,
Ev'ry loo'ers' face had long smiling dimple;
Now they dinna caa her Kate, they caa her Miss Dalrymple.

Happen then she thought when she lived by hersel,
She could marry Willie Speedyspool, the sarkin weaver;
Unto Willie she the secret did tell,
For love more interested did receive her;
Flung by his beddle for Kate Dalrymple,
Burned his treddle for Kate Dalrymple;
Tho' his right eye was skaillie and his left leg was limp,
Well he's won the heart and got the hand o' Kate Dalrymple.

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