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John's Scottish Sing-Along

Loch Maree

Composed by Kenny Mackenzie of Inverness

As sung here by Mary Cameron

Come wi me to the land o' heather
Come wi me tae a land o' green
Take my hand and we'll sit together
Watch the sun set on Loch Maree
I was flying high in the sky
Gentle waters go passing by
Oh how I long just to see the mountains
Round the shores of Loch Maree

My heart sings as I see the beauty
O'er this land that's surrounding me
In the distance, the pipes are calling
Softly calling to you and me
Oh how happy, if my life is there
All I treasure, fall aye over there
Lies in this land o' the purple heather
And the beauty of Loch Maree

And the beauty of Loch Maree

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