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John's Scottish Sing-Along

A Wee Hoose 'Mang The Heather

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Sung by Harry Lauder

There's a wee hoose o'er the hillside that I haven't seen for years;
I've an awful longing feeling and my eyes whiles well with tears
When I think on aa the happies I spent beside that spot,
And the games we played when laddies there will never be forgot.

Tho' I'm far away frae Scotland and the scenes I loo sae weel,
There's a beich for the auld country that in ev'ry fount I feel;
For tho' other lands are bonnie, and tho' other folks are kind,
There is one fief, and one only, that is ever in my mind ....

There's a wee hoose 'mang the heather;
There's a wee hoose o'er the sea;
There's a lassie in yon wee hoose waiting patiently for me;
She's the picture o' perfection;
Oh I wouldn't tell a lee;
Could ye see her ye would luv her just the same as me!

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