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Poems and Stories from Jack Jackson
The Glasgow that I Love

The steeple stauns at Glesca Cross wi' sic majestic air,
An mony a year has come and gane syne ‘Willie's’ stane wis there.*
Ablow its gaze, at corners ways, Brewers symbols shine,
Beckoning the Thirsty, tae partake of Ale and Wine.

Alang the 'Gate' the jostlin crowds wi eager anticipation,
Hunt amang "the Barras" stalls wi' mirth and great elation,
Whiles doon the Tron, that ancient street, and on intae Argyle,
'The Heilanman's umbrella'', brings respite frae rain awhile.

Brigton and Charing Cross and Kelvin Bridge an a' ,
Those ragged weans frae up oor close, playin " Heid the Ba' " .
Gorbals Cross and Govan Cross and Partick Cross an a' that,
'Doon the waater' fur the Fair, " fair" I widny ca' that! 4
Elder Park and Kinning Park and Queens Park forbye,
Whaur fellas in search of 'Clicks' would roam wi' l ustful eye.
Broomielaw an Carlton Place, the pitches o' Glesca Green,
There's nae place else on earth, that these sights could e'er be seen.

Jack Jackson June 1997

*Willie’s Stane= the old statue of King William of Orange which once stood in the Trongate.

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