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Wee Jock Todd
by Marion Angus

The King cam' drivin' through the toon,
Slae and stately through the toon;
He bo'ed tae left, he bo'ed tae richt,
An' we bo'ed back, as weel we micht;

But wee Jock Todd he couldna bide,
He was daft tae be doon at the waterside;
Sae he up an' waved his fishin' rod-
Och, wee Jock Todd!

But in the quaiet hoor o'dreams,
The lang street steekit wi' pale moonbeams,
Wee Jock Todd cam' ridin' doon,
Slae an' solemn through the toon.
He bo'ed tae left, he bo'ed tae richt
(It maun he'e been a bonnie sicht),
An' the King cam' runnin' - he couldna bide -
He was mad tae be doon at the waterisde;
Sae he up wi' his rod and gaed a nod
Tae wee Jock Todd

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