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The King of Great Britain
by John Andrew Howell

The King of Great Britain and President Taft
then heading two nations whose friendship would last.
Their men died together like brave brothers would
to save all their women and children they could.

The United States and Great Britain had won.
no two better governments under the sun.
Great cities, marine wealth, great cables and wire
their railroads and harbours all nations admire.

Those refined nations, industrious and wise
their arts and inventions would others surprise.
this, mother and daughter should always agree
their farms join each other on this side of the sea.

With judgement and equity, mercy and power
great wisdom and virtue in honor they tower.
Their armies are brave men not fearing to fight
but only will do if defending their rights.

Those nations believing that Jesus now reigns
allowing their subjects to call on His name.
and worship Him freely as they may think right
God add to them daily grace, wisdom and might.

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