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A Knightly Deed Well Done
By William Smith

The dragon stared at me, frozen in fear.
My mighty charger reared as I raised my lance.
At full charge, we advanced to attack.
My lance buried itself in the dragon’s chest.

Dismounting, I drew my sword.
With one mighty slash, the dragon’s head came off.
“William,” I heard my mother call.
“It’s nearly time for bed. Come inside.” 

She could not see that I had saved
The world from the horrid snow dragon
That was living in our back garden.
“You’ll catch your death playing in the snow.”

I put away my toy sword and lance.
Then “fed” my toy horse, and put him away as well.
The next day, I did more great deeds,
Worthy of King Arthur’s knights.

28 September 2006

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