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How to confuse a Yank
By William Smith


I made an error on some paper work
So I asked a yank if I could borrow a rubber.
I promised to return it when I was finished.
He said he hadnít one, but if he did I could
Keep it. I should have said ďeraserĒ.

A lady asked if I had seen her new suspenders.
She said that she was willing to show them.
I found that she meant to show me her new
Braces. She was embarrassed as was I when
I explained that I thought she meant garter belt.

Lads and lasses, never ask for a faggot
In an American restaurant, as you may get
Thrown out, or you may get something
You didnít expect. And Bangers-and-Mash?
They donít know over here.

Theyíve never heard of Auntie Beebe,
Or of the Loo, or even of the Gents.
Never ask a local constable where you can
Have a slash, or heíll search you
For a knife. They talk funny over here.

Two people divided by a common tongue?
Donít you believe it for a minute.
Americans never learned proper English.
Itís all I can do to be understood,
Without trying to teach them to speak.

William Smith , Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
25 December, 2003

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