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Poems of Rowena M Love
Ayrshire Coast, Late Summer

The sands of time trickle to late summer.
Off-season approaches:
this empty bed of beach tucked up for winter.

Soon, the shore will be piled high
with Ayrshire blankets of sand,
rumpled by a receding tide;
at its height, watered-silk sheets will spread slickly
to dunes' lumpy pillows,
surf trimming them thickly with lace.

Awaiting the autumn,
the sleeping warrior snuggles
beneath his duvet of rosy pink clouds;
eiderdown feathers fluttering free
to fly south.

But winter isn't here yet:
overtired youngsters rub sleep from their eyes,
demanding one last game
before the Sandman comes.

Accepted for The Fireside Book
Published September 2000

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